Rather than write a book about writing that’s full of almost-interesting stories from my life, I distilled my lessons on writing down into a few ideas and made them into this video series. Feel free to just watch one for the area you need help with right now, or you can go through the whole series in less than half an hour.

Part 1: Golden rules

In this one that you’ve probably already watched on the homepage, I talk about the rules of writing and how they apply to you.

Part 2: Hooking the reader

In this part, I talk about what makes an opening line that’s good enough to keep the reader reading.

Part 3: No weight classes

This video talks about how competitive publishing is, and how to survive in it.

Part 4: Desire and pushing yourself

This part talks about talent, or a lack of, and testing to see if you want to keep going as a writer in the long term.

Part 5: Getting a creative schedule

This part has some suggestions on how you can set a routine and boost your writing output.

Part 6: Nothing is unworkable

This part talks about what to do when someone tell you not to write that story you’ve been writing.

Part 7: Show don’t tell

This part discusses the classic bit of writing advice and what it means.

Part 8: Good days and bad days

This part talks about those dreary days when you don’t want to or can’t write, and how to cope with them.

Part 9: When to edit

This part has a rather explanatory title. Just when should you stop writing the draft and edit the thing?

Part 10: The master and the imposter

This part talks about imposter syndrome, becoming a ‘master’ and finding the balance in how you view your skills.

Part 11: Dealing with feedback

This part talks about what to do when people tell you what they think of your work.

That’s the entire series. All my wisdom in bitesize chunks. If you’ve watched them all, thanks, I appreciate it.

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