Importance of reading the terms

The reading and understanding of these terms and conditions is mandatory for a contract to be undertaken. If you have any questions about this document you can contact Red Pen For Hire using the contact page of the website or through email. Asking for an editing service to be carried out by Red Pen For Hire means that you have read and accept these terms, claiming to have not read them at a later date will not be an accepted reason for breaching them.

The Sample Edit service

Prior to taking up a contract with the editor, the author may request a free Sample Edit be taken out. This will be either a Copy Editing or Proofreading (as defined below) of a section of the author’s manuscript up to five thousand words (2000) in length.

This can be done once per customer per service type.

No charge will be given to the author or representing parties, all other Terms in this document apply.

Responsibilities of the editor

The editor will provide an accurate quote of the services requested, using the rates shown on this website and provide a calculation breakdown.

The editor will carry out the editing work to the best of their ability at all times, with professionalism and courtesy, within the bounds of these terms and conditions.

  • The service of Structure Editing is defined as reviewing a story at the highest level, focusing on character motivations, back stories, pacing, overarching continuity and flaws with in-universe systems of the manuscript (e.g. magic).
  • The service of Copy Editing is defined as ensuring the continuity of a manuscript on a scene-to-scene basis. This includes dialogue tracking, character movement, item ownership, character voice and point of view oversight.
  • The service of Proofreading is defined as deep-level editing. Spelling and grammar will be looked over with meticulous detail, including manuscript naming conventions, word repetition and punctuation.

Upon commencement of the editing work, the editor will give an estimate of when the edited manuscript will be delivered. If there are any delays to this estimate the editor will inform the author or any representing parties immediately.

Responsibilities of the author and any representing parties

The author must be certain to the best of their knowledge that the manuscript to be edited is original and not copied in whole or in part.

Upon receiving the edited copy of the manuscript the author or representing parties will supply a payment equal to the amount quoted by the editor.

The author has final responsibility of the manuscript after editing, including the use of all notes given, formatting, spelling and grammar. The editor cannot be held accountable for the success of the manuscript in any form or for advice not being taken.

Special instruction allowances

If the author requires the completion of the contract by a certain date, it is their responsibility to inform the editor as soon as possible and request the work be completed by that time. The editor is free to refuse or negotiate the requested deadline.

If the author has written the manuscript in a language other than British English (e.g. American English) they should inform the editor when sending the manuscript.

Payment and pricing

Quotes for services are based off the rates on the Red Pen For Hire website at the time the quote is written, which are subject to change.

Payment for editing services is to be supplied within seven working days of the edited manuscript being sent to the author or representing parties.

The payment method to be used will be chosen when the contract is taken up. The following methods are accepted.

  • Paypal (in this instance the invoice for services will be sent through PayPal’s system)
  • Bank transfer (invoices will be sent via separate email)
  • Cheque (invoices will be emailed, and photographic evidence of the cheque must be supplied before it is posted)

If the author or representing parties deal in a currency other than British pounds (GBP) it is their responsibility to ensure the final payment is equal to the quoted amount.

Supplied notes and support

All editorial notes given by the editor are optional. It is the author’s right to refuse to use any note, correction or advice.

If the author does not understand or wishes to ask questions about any editing notes they may contact the editor who will supply answers free of charge for a period of two months after the completion of the contract. If the author requests support after this period further charges will be incurred.

Libel and offence

All notations and editing work given by the editor are for the improvement of the manuscript and cannot be taken as offensive or libellous against the author.

Any statements made about a person living or dead are solely the responsibility of the author.


Nonfiction additions

For nonfiction manuscripts, be aware that Red Pen For Hire is not a fact checking service. Any claims, statements, calculations or theories presented as truth will not be changed and will remain the responsibility of the author for their authenticity.

Copyright ownership

The author asserts that they are the originator of the manuscript.

The editor does not make any claim to ownership, copyright or publishing rights of the manuscript.


The author and representing parties details will not be passed on or sold to any other companies or individuals.

All copies of the manuscript held by Red Pen For Hire will be destroyed or deleted two months after the completion of the contract or when the author no longer requests support.

Refusal of service and cancellation

The author may cancel the contract at any point prior to the commencement of editing work, for any reason. They may not cancel during or after the editing work being carried out and remain obligated to render payment.

The editor reserves the right to cancel the contract at any time, for any reason.

Upon cancelling a contract the editor may recommend another service for the author to take up. The author is free to refuse this offer.

Modification of terms

Red Pen For Hire may change these terms at any time for any reason. It is the responsibility of the author and representing parties to keep up to date with this document.