Some books I’ve edited and proofread

The books I’ve worked on with Grimbold Books.

Greensky book 4: Salt Winds and Wanderings by Kate Coe

Greensky book 5: Empty Skies & Sunlight by Kate Coe

Seven Deadly Swords by Peter Sutton

Other works

The price of a biscuit (part of an anthology) by Kate Coe

Whitepapers I’ve proofread

While a proofreader for The Marketing Practice, I have proofed several whitepapers written by the copywriters for various corporate clients.

Here are a few in UK English…

Behavioural science

ADP People Unboxed

NTT Preparedness

The Top 5 Business Drivers for Customer Service Transformation projects

…and two in US English.

Five critical steps to build the best construction project schedule

How organizations are already reshaping themselves around the future of work.