Why can’t you do all your Services at the same time?

As a manuscript develops the things that need to be changed evolve. A first draft problem is not the same as a fifth draft problem. There’s no reason to correct some spelling of an entire chapter that needs to be rewritten.

Will you work for exposure (free)?

No. I have bills to pay just the same as you do. All I do for free is the Sample Edit.

What is the Sample Edit?

Writers might be hesitant to fork out money when they don’t know what I can do, so I offer the Sample Edit. You send me a section of your work (up to 2000 words) and I will copy edit or proofread it (your choice). This way you know what you’re getting when you hire me.

Why should I hire you and not someone who will work for free?

With your promise of payment comes my promise of quality. I want to see your manuscript succeed, whereas someone working for ‘exposure’ just wants to add your name to their client list and CV.

Why are you prices listed in ‘per thousand words’?

That’s so that you know you’re not being cheated. I can’t give a quote of so many hours, then mysteriously end up taking longer and charging you for much more than you were quoted. This way, you know exactly how much it costs going in.

I sent my novel to you ages ago but you haven’t replied, why are you ignoring me?

I discuss terms with authors first, and do not ask to be sent a full manuscript until we have agreed on a contract. Any unexpected manuscripts are immediately deleted, this is for your protection from plagiarism.

You tore my story apart! Why do you hate me?

I don’t hate you, and I don’t hate your story. My notes and suggestions are for improving your story to make it meet a greater standard. I wouldn’t tell you if I didn’t think you could do better.

I don’t understand these notes! Help!

If you have any questions about the critique or comments on your work, feel free to contact me and I will explain whatever you need. If you like, we can discuss your manuscript over Zoom, telephone or other chat medium. This extra service will be free for two months after I have completed my work for you.

What are your Terms and Conditions?

You can read those on this page. If you have any questions about them use the contact page.

Do you know any guns for hire?

No. I also don’t know any guys that know a guy who is.